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Superman's Comic Book History

Born on the doomed planet Krypton, Superman (aka Kal-El) was sent to Earth by his birth parents - moments before their planet was destroyed. Crash-landing in rural Kansas, Kal-El was found by local farmers Johnathan and Martha Kent who took the orphaned child in and named him Clark. As he grew up in rural Smallville, Clark discovered he possessed god-like powers - a result of his Kryptonian biology absorbing solar radiation from Earth's yellow sun. Following school, Clark decided to use his powers to protect mankind. Moving to Metropolis, he works as a journalist for the city's premiere newspaper, The Daily Planet, in order to keep his true identity a secret - especially from fellow reporter Lois Lane. In his time protecting Earth, the hero has faced-off agains numerous threats, including Brainiac, Doomsday, and General Zod - but no foe is as iconic or dangerous as billionaire genius, Lex Luthor.

When Was Superman Created?

Superman was created by Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (art); though the pair originally conceived of the character as a villain who used telepathy to terrorize mankind - until deciding to make Superman a hero, not a bad guy. After failed attempts to market the character as a weekly comic strip, the creators sold the character to DC Comics in 1938. The hero then debuted in his first appearance as a story in Action Comics #1 - only to continue his reign at one of the most popular superheroes in pop culture for 75-plus years (and counting) in various mediums. A copy of Action Comics #1, in mint condition, recently sold for over $3.2 million.

What Are Superman's Powers?

Superman's powers have changed and evolved over time but his main super abilities include: super strength and speed, invulnerability, flight, x-ray and heat vision, as well as freeze breath. Though, many fans consider his sense of honor and compassion to be his most important qualities.

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