Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in 'Arrow'?

'Arrow' executive producer Marc Guggenheim expresses his interest in introducing Batman into the series in the future, along with a cameo from previous Green Arrow actor Justin Hartley.

'Smallville' Season 11 Details & Cover Art

'Smallville' will soon be returning for season 11 as a comic book. Find out what's in store for Clark Kent and the rest of 'Smallville' gang in the new season.

The 12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011

With 2012 in full swing, we took a cathartic look back at the entirety of 2011 to track down the 12 most WTF moments of last year.

Smallville NYCC '11 - 'The Complete Series' Retrospective

At NYCC 2011, we watched the 'Smallville Retrospective' -- a 90-minute documentary detailing every single season of the show, which will be part of the special features for the 'Smallville: The Complete Series' DVD boxset.

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