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Saw 3D Spoilers Discussion

Confused about the ending of 'Saw 3D? Here's are the spoilers and explanation of what happened in the final chapter of the 'Saw' movie franchise.

Saw 3D Review

Saw 3D Review

'Saw 3D' will certainly appeal to fans who have stuck with the 'Saw' franchise through the previous six films, however the 3D doesn't really offer anything new.

Saw 3D Interview: Costas Mandylor

Costas Mandylor talks about his character Hoffman and hints at what we can expect in 'Saw 3D.' Read our exclusive interview on 3D traps and sequel/spin-off potential for the 'Saw' franchise.

Saw 3D

The full-length trailer for Saw 3D has emerged online. Is this one 3D sequel that actually uses the technology appropriately?

'Saw 8' May Happen

Jigaw's cinematic reign of terror may not conclude with Saw 3D (shocking), as it seems the writers behind the series have an 'unbelievable' idea for Saw 8.

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