Planes: Fire & Rescue review

'Planes: Fire & Rescue' Review

The short of it: Planes: Fire & Rescue is a better made film than its predecessor on a technical level, but otherwise just as generic (in some ways, more so) on a storytelling level.

Planes: Fire and Rescue trailer

Planes: Fire & Rescue

The trailer for Disney's 'Planes' sequel, 'Fire & Rescue', contains all the talking cartoon aircraft and bad vehicle puns that you could... er, want?

Dusty Crophopper in Planes (Review)

'Planes' Review

Planes is passable direct-to-video animated entertainment for kids - featuring action sequences that are more cinematic in their style.

Disney's Planes trailer


In the 'Planes' trailer, a crop duster (voice of Dane Cook) attempts to win a major aerial race. The 'Cars' spinoff from DisneyToon Studios.