piranha 3d

piranha 3dd red band trailer

Piranha 3DD (Red Band)

Get an early taste of the unabashedly exploitative material 'Piranha 3DD' will deliver by watching a red band trailer for the 3D horror sequel.

piranha 3dd

Piranha 3DD

The full trailer for 'Piranha 3DD' earns the title of 'guilty pleasure'. One watch and you'll understand the guilt we speak of.

piranha 3dd

Piranha 3DD (SCREAM Awards)

Horror B-movie schlock is alive and well in the SCREAM Awards trailer for 'Piranha 3DD', which aims to be even more of a guilty pleasure than its predecessor.

Piranha 3D sequel details

Piranha 3D Review

Piranha 3D is the uber-trashy fun B-movie you'd expect. Over-the-top, crass, gore-filled and with more bikini-clad babes than you can count.

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