'Oldboy' Review

The Oldboy remake is second-fiddle in nearly every way to its South Korean inspiration (save performances).


The green band trailer for 'Oldboy' depicts a violent revenge thriller, but star Josh Brolin says he prefers the more quiet and character-focused director's cut.

Oldboy (Transformation Featurette)

To play Joe Doucett in 'Oldboy,' Josh Brolin first had to gain weight and then shed it all in shockingly short space of time. Check out the results in this new featurette.

Oldboy (Featurette)

Check out previously-unreleased footage from 'Oldboy' in a new featurette, which introduces the disturbing themes featured in Spike Lee's American retelling.

Oldboy (Viral Clip)

Viral marketing has begun for Spike Lee's remake of South Korean revenge film 'Oldboy,' and it looks like he's made a movie that's at least as twisted as the original.

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Oldboy (Red Band)

The 'Oldboy' red band trailer makes Spike Lee's Americanized remake look as grisly and twisted as the cult classic Korean film.

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