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A Nightwing standalone film has been announced to be one of the newest additions to the growing DC Expanded Universe (DCEU).  The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay will helm the film together with Bill Dubuque who will work on the script.

There have been several Nightwing personas throughout the DC comic universe but the most popular of them would be Dick Grayson, who is also known to be the original Robin. Robin for the most part is known as Bruce Wayne’s Batman sidekick. He has also been the leader of Teen Titans.

Grayson is a character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger with Jerry Robinson as the illustrator. He was first introduced in Detective Comics #38, which was published in 1940. Grayson is the youngest member and the sole survivor of the acrobatic family called the Flying Graysons, who were murdered during a show. Bruce, a wealthy and prominent businessman in the city of Gotham, was also orphaned at an early age and he took the young Grayson under his care. Actor Ben Affleck plays Bruce/Batman in the DCEU.

In director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman film, a different Robin’s death in the hands of Joker was briefly featured although his suit was shown. McKay has tweeted about why he thinks DC fans have loved Robin’s character.

He said the journey of Grayson from being the orphan Bruce has taken under his wing, to being his crime-fighting sidekick Robin to becoming the Nightwing, has been experienced by the audience real time. He also shared that he personally felt that Grayson’s relationship with Batman felt real to him because he was like the window character he experienced Gotham City with.

It will not be the first time McKay got to tackle Grayson’s character on the big screen as Robin was part of The Lego Batman Movie, where he was voiced by Michael Cera.