iron man 2

New 'Iron Man 2' TV Spots

Two new TV adverts for the upcoming 'Iron Man 2' are now online, and we're sharing them along with every Iron Man 2 TV spot we've collected so far!

Iron Man 2 Black Widow Poster

A new Iron Man 2 Black Widow character poster featuring Scarlett Johansson in costume has released courtesy of WonderCon. It does not reveal if she speaks Russian

When is Iron Man 3 Coming?

With Iron Man 2 coming this summer, Thor and Captain America debuting next summer, Could Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau get started on Iron Man 3 this year?

New Iron Man 2 Posters

The 'Iron Man 2' International Poster has appeared online, along with some other new posters that may (or may not) be official. Have look at them and tell us what you think

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