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With more DC characters coming to the big screen, many fans of the Green Arrow are eagerly anticipating a movie adaption announcement. The character, created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, was introduced in November 1941 when he appeared in More Fun Comics #73.

Green Arrow is the alter-ego of Oliver “Ollie” Queen, a billionaire who owns Queen Industries in the fictional Star City. His character was likened to Batman when he first appeared, but has since developed a very liberal political outlook to distinguish himself. He is a member of the Justice League, but it was not until he was paired with Green Lantern in an ongoing series where they travelled across the USA that the character gained popularity.

Green Arrow has already appeared on TV both in animated and live action form.  His first live action TV appearance happened in the 6th season of Smallville, portrayed by Justin Harley. In 2012, he began to star in his own CW series, Arrow, portrayed by Stephen Amell.

The series is loosely based on the reinterpreted character of Oliver that appeared in 1970. Arrow starts with Oliver’s return to Star City after being presumed dead for five years. The series already has five seasons, with the sixth season premiering on October 12, 2017. Each season features different main antagonists with plots connected to events that happened to Oliver on the island where he stayed for five years. The popularity of the series has spawned spin-off superhero shows, altogether known as the Arrowverse.