Gears 5 / Gears of War 5 (2019 Video Game)

Gears 5 Key Art Alex Ross
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Gears 5, the first game in the core series to drop "of war" from its title officially and developed by The Coalition, picks up the story a while after the events of Gears or War 4 and focuses on Kait's journey of discovery. What are her true origins and what's her connection to the Locust and Swarm armies?

Gears 5 brings back JACK, the flying robot sidekick who adds an RPG element to the campaign and is playable in 3-player co-op throughout the campaign (and in Horde mode). 5-player horde mode returns as well alongside a brand new, faster paced 3-player Escape mode. Competitive PvP with an even larger focus on esports returns as well with 11 modes at launch.

Gears 5 will not have a season pass and all content and map packs will be free. There are also no loot boxes or card packs this time around as Gears 5 aims to be the biggest and highest-value Gears product ever.