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10 Worst Episodes of Great TV Series

This list is a look back on some of those episodes that were subpar in comparison to the rest of the show's entries in an otherwise fantastic series.

15 Best Football Movies of All Time

Concussions have been a hot topic in sports. The NFL has been at the center of the issue and the upcoming movie Concussion will address it further.

'Smallville' Finale Ratings Are Up, Up And Away

The CW's final episode of 'Smallville' was a bittersweet moment for many - and as it turns out, a lot of fans returned to see the final episode in Clark Kent's journey from farm boy to superhero.

David O. Russell Developing FX TV Drama

Oscar-nominee David O. Russell (The Fighter) is developing a female-driven TV drama for FX and 'Friday Night Lights' actress Connie Britton is already onboard to star.

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