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Final Fantasy is a media franchise that started with a single science fantasy role-playing game (RPG) created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. The first game in the series, which is owned and developed by Square Enix, was published in 1987.

The core series has 15 games to date with the most recent one, Final Fantasy XV released in 2016. All Final Fantasy instalments share the same gameplay mechanics but feature standalone stories. They have different characters, scenarios and settings although some of them share the same world with similar characters. Through the years editions feature various genres that include tactical role-playing, action role-playing, multiplayer online role-playing, rhythm, fighting, third-person shooting and racing.

The plots are similar in such a way that all stories focus on characters from different backgrounds who come together to save the world. Along with their quest to defeat a common enemy, they also go through individual struggles and relationship conflicts. The player is usually in control of the different characters who he acquires as the game progresses. Their abilities and skills are developed gradually.

Sakaguchi was experiencing a setback in game developing when he conceptualized Final Fantasy. He said that when games were switching over to the Famicom (the Nintendo Entertainment System, in North America) he was not happy with what he has been creating so he thought of retiring from the gaming industry. He gave the industry one last shot with the creation of Final Fantasy which is why the game is titled as such. It was the “final” sign he was looking for to know whether he should continue with what he was doing or not.

The first Final Fantasy installment was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but has now conquered many other gaming consoles including PlayStation, Xbox and desktop. Aside from the engaging gaming mechanics the series is also often praised for its graphics and story.

The video game franchise has spawned CGI films, anime, manga, and novels. It has also conquered other merchandises such as clothing, accessories, toys and school supplies.


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