Aziz Ansari and Amanda Seyfried in Epic (REVIEW)

'Epic' Review

The by-the-numbers kid's movie elements (which includes an unnecessary romance subplot) prevents Epic from completely living up to its name.

'Epic' Poster

Epic (International)

In the international trailer for 'Epic', a teenager (voice of Amanda Seyfried) is magically shrunk and joins mystical forest creatures on a quest to save their world (and ours).

The trailer for Blue Sky Animation's Epic with Amanda Seyfried


In the trailer for 'Epic', a teenager (voice of Amanda Sefried) gets caught up in the battle between good and evil tiny creatures that reside in the forest.

epic trailer amanda seyfried

Epic (Teaser)

20th Century Fox has premiered a teaser trailer for 'Epic', the upcoming, star-studded fantasy adventure from Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Rio).