Curb Your Enthusiasm

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What started as a one-time project between HBO and actor-writer-producer Larry David became a full time comedy series that started in October 2005. Curb Your Enthusiasm is led by David who plays a larger than life fictional version of himself in everyday situations.

The main cast also includes actress Cheryl Hines as David’s wife Cheryl, actor Jeff Garlin as David’s manager Jeff Greene, and actress Susie Essman as Jeff’s wife Susie Greene. Guests of the show are celebrities, politicians, and athletes, all playing themselves as well. They are filmed doing freestyle acting based on an outline prepared by David for each episode.

Just like his real-life self, Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm is the co-creator and head writer of the sitcom, Seinfeld. His character is often put in situations where he gets into trouble fitting in as he has a tendency to speak before he thinks. Therefore, he finds himself at odds with other people.

His wife Cheryl often finds herself talking to Larry about his behaviour and how it makes others around him feel. She gets fed up with him eventually and decides to leave him only to come back after learning he has put together a Seinfeld reunion to win her back. She finally divorced him when season 8 premiered.

Jeff on the other hand is also one of Larry’s closest friends. He is a philandering husband who shares a love and hate relationship with his wife.

Susie has a temper and unfiltered mouth and is very critical of Jeff’s weight and his decisions. Her scenes often feature her screaming and calling Larry and Jeff names. She shares a daughter with Jeff named Sammi (Ashly Holloway).

Curb Your Enthusiasm ran for eight seasons through 2011. To viewers’ delight, the show will be back for a 10-episode 9th season beginning October 1, 2017 on HBO.