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Netflix’s Castlevania tells the story of Trevor Belmont (voiced by Richard Amitage), a vampire hunter who saves Wallachia from Dracula (Graham McTavish) and his army of otherworldly beasts. It is the adapation of the 1989 game, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

Season 1 of the show is composed of four episodes which were all released on July 7, 2017. A movie adaptation was in the plans in 2007 but the production did not take place until 2015. Frederator Studios, Powerhouse Animation Studios and Netflix decided to work together to produce an animation series for television instead. The series is directed with Sam Deats with Warren Ellis writing three of the four episodes, and Adi Shankar producing.

The episode titles of the first season of the show are Witchbottle, Necropolis, Labyrinth and Monument. Dracula has been the main antagonist of the game series and in this particular installment, Dracula’s vengeance on humanity is explained.

In 1455, Dracula is approached by a headstrong woman named Lisa (Emily Swallow) to learn about his advanced scientific knowledge. The two fall in love in the process, get married and they are blessed with a son named Alucard (James Callis). A corrupt bishop accuses Lisa of practicing witchcraft and she is burned as a result. The death of Lisa angered Dracula, who swears to kill the people of Wallachia.

In the present day, Trevor meets a group of people called the Speakers who he develops a bond with.  He learns of a legend about a sleeping soldier the group is in search for, who they believe could defeat Dracula. One of the members, The Elder (Tony Amendola), also tells him about his missing grandchild, Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso) who Trevor rescues.  

Trevor and Sypha stumble upon the sleeping soldier during an attack by Dracula’s army. The legendary soldier turns out to be Alucard, who is hidden in the deep catacombs of the city as he heals from wounds suffered during a fight with his father. During the finale, Alucard, Trevor and Sypha form an alliance.

A second season was announced the same day the first season was dropped and it is scheduled to premiere in 2018.