Batman Begins (2005)

Action, Adventure
release date
Christopher Nolan
Written by
Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson, Linus Roache, Mark Boone Junior, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer, Tom Wilkinson


Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and The Dark Knight’s emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents’ murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.