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Apollo 18 Review

'Apollo 18' Review

Is the latest found-footage horror movie, 'Apollo 18' (this time in space) as entertaining as similar films, 'Paranormal Activity' and 'The Blair Witch Project,' or is this genre finally played-out? Read our review.

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Apollo 18 (Trailer #3)

The third trailer for 'Apollo 18' reveals more of the film's plot twists and turns. Has too much been revealed, or could the film have something else up its sleeve?

Apollo 18 second movie trailer

Apollo 18 (Trailer #2)

The second trailer for 'Apollo 18' is less revelatory and more effective than the first. Is there still hope for the the much-delayed sci-fi/horror 'found footage' space flick?

Apollo 18

The first official 'Apollo 18' trailer takes viewers back to the moon, using 'real' documented footage from the 1970s to explain why Apollo 18 was our last adventure there.

Creepy 'Apollo 18' Poster

The first poster for 'Apollo 18' reveals a big hint as to what the covered-up NASA mission may have found on their journey to the Moon and why the Apollo program was cancelled.