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'American Reunion' - SR Underground Ep. 33

In episode 33 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we chat about news that Gary Ross may or may not direct 'The Hunger Games' sequels, Ben Kingsley in talks for the 'Iron Man 3' villain role, as well as review the 'American Pie' reunion film, 'American Reunion.'

American Reunion Red-Band Trailer

American Reunion (Red-Band)

In the red-band trailer for 'American Reunion' the gang from the original 'Pie' are all back, all grown up, but they're still young (and raunchy) at heart.

american reunion movie trailer

American Reunion

Sentimental moments with the original 'American Pie' gang outnumber the crude antics in the full-length domestic trailer for this spring's 'American Reunion'.

american reunion movie trailer

American Reunion (Green Band Teaser)

See the original 'American Pie' cast reunite as (sort of) grownups in the green band trailer for 'American Reunion' which focuses on the endearing aspects of the film - not the raunchy gags.

american reunion red band trailer

American Reunion (Red Band Teaser)

The adults-only preview for 'American Reunion' teases the return of the 'American Pie' crew - and features exactly the sort of crude sex-related humor this franchise is (in)famous for.