Dolphin Tale Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: October 2, 2011

Here’s our box office report for the weekend of September 30th, 2011 featuring the performances of debut films '50/50' and 'Dream House' - as well as continued reports on 'Moneyball' and 'The Lion King 3D,' among others.

Review Taylor Lautner in Abduction

'Abduction' Review

Is 'Abduction,' the dramatic thriller from director John Singleton, and starring Taylor Lautner, an exciting action offering or a brainless and underwhelming movie that takes itself too seriously? Read our review.


Taylor Lautner channels Jason Bourne in the first trailer for 'Abduction' - an upcoming thriller about a young man who discovers he's not who he thought he was.

Movie News Wrap Up: June 7, 2010

Shrek fends off Greeks and Killers; Grodin and Brest get ready to Run; get ready for a Grimm fairytale as Brett Ratner makes Snow White; Sigourney Weaver gets Abducted and lots more.