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The cast of 'Bridesmaids' (review)

'Bridesmaids' Review

Is 'Bridesmaids' a chick flick targeted at men? Or is it a raunchy R-rated comedy aimed at women? The answer is: It's both.

Hanna movie reviews Saoirse Ronan Joe Wright Cate Blanchett

'Hanna' Review

'Hanna' re-imagines the classic princess fairytale as a spy-action odyssey, which is bolstered by a great cast, stylish direction, and a thumping soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers.

Four Star Review - The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau Review

'The Adjustment Bureau' is not an 'Inception'-style thriller as its ads suggest, but its blend of romance, humor, and contemplative science-fiction make for a very enjoyable movie.

Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit review

True Grit Review

'True Grit' stands as a testament to the fact that apparently it IS possible to produce an excellent remake of a classic and beloved film.

Chris Pine and Denzel Washington in Unstoppable (review)

'Unstoppable' Review

With the help of Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, director Tony Scott once again tackles drama on a train with a retro vibe in 'Unstoppable.'

127 Hours Review

127 Hours Review

Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' stars James Franco in the gripping real-life account of climber Aron Ralston’s struggle to survive after his arm is trapped under a boulder.

Hereafter Reviews

'Hereafter' Review

'Hereafter' may not be the sci-fi drama that some moviegoers were expecting - but it's a worthy character drama with great performances that address life's greatest mystery.

A scene from Paranormal Activity 2 (review)

Paranormal Activity 2 Review

While 'Paranormal Activity 2' is in many ways similar to the first film, it doesn't just go through the motions with a different set of people - and manages to feel different while also feeling familiar.

Secretariat Review

Does 'Secretariat' have the horse power to deliver a compelling film even though audiences already know the ending? Check out our review and find out.

Buried Reviews

Buried Review

Director Rodrigo Cortés and star Ryan Reynolds have delivered one of the most ambitious concept films of the year. But does ‘Buried’ get mired under the weight of those ambitions?

'Inside Job' Review

'Inside Job' is a documentary that every American should watch - a film that pierces the veil of partisan politics to examine the root causes of the 2008 global economic crisis.

'The Town' Review

'The Town' is a must-see crime thriller which proves yet again that Ben Affleck is a talented director who is somewhere on the verge of greatness.

I'm Still Here Review

I'm Still Here is an unpredictable descent into madness that will keep you captivated. Whether it is real or not is beside the point.

The A-Team Review

So is 'The A-Team' another Summer 2010 movie dud, or the escapist popcorn movie you've been craving? Read on and find out...

'Splice' Review

While it's certainly not for everyone, 'Splice' is the creepiest movie to come out so far this year - and one of the better ones as well.

[REC] 2 Review

Although '[REC] 2' isn't as good as the first film, it's still a well-made, often terrifying and always suspenseful horror film you should definitely check out.

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