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review of green lantern movie

'Green Lantern' Review

Is 'Green Lantern' a successful new DC Comics movie franchise, or a failed attempt to launch a lesser-known superhero into the mainstream? Read our review.

Priest 3D Review

'Priest' Review

Is 'Priest' the guns-blazing action Western that moviegoers were praying for - or a comic book adaption that will cause audiences to lose further faith in Hollywood? Read our review to find out.

'Little Fockers' Review

The all-star cast of 'Little Fockers' not only sucks the last bit of life out of the tired 'Meet the Parents' franchise, but manages to besmirch their own careers in the process.

Dinner for Schmucks Review

Is 'Dinner for Schmucks' an 'edgy' comedy film or just a mean-spirited, uncomfortable attempt at laughs? Read our review and find out.

Jennifer's Body Review

Overall Jennifer's Body is just a boring movie - punctuated by occasional humor and fewer scares - and sorry, no Megan Fox nudity.

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