Jeremy Renner Explains How He Broke Both His Arms Filming Tag

The biggest news to come out of the new movie Tag is the story of how actor Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms doing a stunt during the third day of production, which is why both of his arms are CGI in the final cut. When the injury was first reported, many people assumed the actor had injured himself playing the arrow wielding Hawkeye in the action packed Avengers: Infinity WarHowever, since his character did not appear in that film, audiences now know the truth of Renner's injury.

Tag is based on a true story about a group of friends who engage in a cross-country game of tag once a month. The tradition has been going on since they were children and the friends take part in ridiculous stunts to avoid becoming "it." Interestingly, Renner's character, Jerry, has never been tagged. The film also stars Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Isla Fisher, Rashida Jones, and Leslie Bibb, and it's directed by Jeff Tomsic.

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Jon Hamm recently described the accident that caused Renner's injury, but now the actor is speaking out about it himself. In an interview with EW, Renner described the stunt he was performing when the accident happened. In the scene, Renner was racing up 20 to 30 chairs stacked about 20 feet high. The rigging on the chairs broke, causing Renner to fall to the ground and subsequently fracture his right elbow and his left wrist. He was then forced to wear green screen casts for the rest of production. Renner even returned and re-filmed the stunt that injured him like it was nothing.

After Tag was done filming, Renner did have to return to work on Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers 4, in which his arms are very much needed. Renner said he did daily therapy while filming and that it was "a battle of will to heal." It seems the actor really worked his hardest to make sure his injury didn't delay production in any way. Renner told EW:

“What else do you do, you just stop and cry and everyone go home? You know what I mean? I’d be like, ‘sorry guys, I’m not going to use a bow and arrow now in Avengers,’ it’s silly, so I have to kind of push through so that you can perform for everyone."

Renner has confirmed that he is fully healed from his injuries, but is not quiet back to full strength yet. It's amazing he was able to heal at all considering the tight schedule of making the two films back to back, especially one that involves him using a bow and arrow extensively. It's a testament to the hard work actors put into their roles, even ones that might not necessarily be considered dangerous. It should make movie fans even that much more appreciative of actors, stunt performers, and coordinators who are continually working to make entertaining and impressive action sequences in films.

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Source: EW

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