Jeremy Renner Jokes About CGI Arms in Tag

Tag star Jeremy Renner joked on Instagram about getting CGI arms after breaking both his real ones performing a stunt on the upcoming action-comedy. Tag sees Renner co-starring with Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Isla Fisher, Ed Helms and Rashida Jones in a story about a group of friends who come together once a year to continue the ongoing game of tag they've been playing since high school.

In the film Renner plays Jerry, who has never once been tagged in the 30 years since the game began. Now Jerry wants to retire from the game and his friends know this year will be their last chance to finally tag him. Unfortunately, filming on the action-comedy was jeopardized when on the third day of shooting Renner suffered a serious injury, breaking both arms while performing a stunt. Renner described the arm injury in a recent interview and explained that CGI was used on his arms so he could continue work while still healing. Renner said he was still undergoing physical therapy while subsequently working on Avengers 4, but is now fully healed.

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With everyone now talking about Jeremy Renner's CGI arms in Tag, the actor has taken to social media to share a little joke about the incident. In the picture, the actor shows us his remedy for a broken arm: a high-five from his daughter. The charming post also includes the hashtag #noCGIneeded, an obvious reference to the use of computer wizardry to "fix" Renner's arms so Tag filming could proceed uninterrupted. Check out the image below:

Stunt injuries unfortunately are a fact of life in action movies, and become even more perilous when big stars insist on doing their own stunts. Last year for instance, Renner's one-time co-star Tom Cruise suffered his own stunt injury on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, breaking his ankle while performing a building leap. Cruise ultimately returned from the injury, but not without a lengthy filming delay. The injury, of course, did not deter daredevil Cruise from performing even more stunts later, including a leap from a plane.

There is no question that Renner is a tough fellow, the way he came back from breaking both his arms to continue working on Tag. But the real heroes might be the computer animators who had to CGI his arms to hide the casts while filming proceeded. Of course, using CGI to mask unwanted additions to actors sometimes doesn't work out so well. The most famous instance of CGI masking falling short happened in last year's Justice League movie, when Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible - Fallout mustache had to be erased with computers, resulting in Cavill sporting a distractingly odd-looking upper lip for parts of the movie. Thankfully, arms are a little bit easier to maneuver out of the way than upper lips, so hopefully Renner's CGI arm-work in Tag won't stand out too much.

No doubt, audiences will be on the sharp lookout for any signs of bad CGI on Renner's arms when Tag hits theaters.

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