What To Expect From Taboo Season 2

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After the intense, bloody first season, what can fans expect from Taboo season 2? Taboo was created by star Tom Hardy alongside his father Chips Hardy and Steven Knight. The show takes place in 1814 and follows Hardy’s James Delaney as he returns to England after spending more than a decade in Africa. Delaney believes his father was murdered for a piece of land and soon finds himself a target. Taboo season 1 was a dark, brooding thriller that quickly hooked viewers, who will be eager to see where Delaney heads next.

While Taboo season 2 was confirmed after the show finished its first season, both Hardy and Steven Knight quickly became busy on other projects. There was a plan to start filming season 2 in 2018, but it appears fans might have to wait a while before it returns. Given Hardy’s film schedule it’s not a surprise its tough to find a gap to shoot another eight-episode season, but given the fact Taboo is something of a passion project for the star, it will happen eventually.

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In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Taboo season 2 so far.

Taboo Has Been Renewed For Season 2

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Taboo enjoyed very healthy ratings and received solid reviews - though some critics found the violence disturbing - so Taboo season 2 was confirmed shortly after it finished airing. It appears finding the time for another season has been the main hold-up, with Hardy becoming busy with Venom and Steven Knight directing Serenity and writing David Fincher’s planned sequel World War Z 2, which was eventually canceled by Paramount.

What Will Taboo Season 2 Be About?

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Taboo season 1 ended with a brutal gunfight and James setting sail for America with his crew. This will be the setting for Taboo season 2, which should provide a fresh backdrop to explore. Concrete plot details for the second season have yet to be confirmed, with Knight revealing it took him a long time to actually write the scripts for it. Delaney will probably end up visiting Nootka Sound at some point, the piece of land that caused so much bloodshed during season 1.

When Will Taboo Season 2 Air?

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A rough plan to begin filming Taboo season 2 in 2018 ultimately didn’t work out, and Knight recently offered an update revealing that filming probably wouldn’t begin until 2020. Assuming the schedules work out, Taboo will probably return to screens in late 2020 at the earliest. That’s a long gap between season 1 and 2, so hopefully, it will prove worth the wait.

Taboo Will Run For 3 Seasons Max

Tom Hardy as Delaney in Taboo Season 1 Episode 8

While it wasn’t necessarily a given Taboo would get a second season, Knight claims he has a full, 3 season story mapped out and then it will end. Season 1, according to Knight marked the escape for Delaney, while season 2 and 3 will be the journey and the arrival respectively. Considering Taboo season 2 hasn’t started filming yet, season 3 might not arrive for many years – if it ever does.

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