Big, Mean T-600 From 'Terminator: Salvation'

Check out this cool image of the T-600 Terminator from the Terminator: Salvation video game. It comes from in a story describing the features of the upcoming movie-based game. I'm not into video games myself, but the image below is photo-realistic and is probably exactly what the pre-Ahnuld Terminator will look like on the big screen.

In the upcoming March issue of GamePro's magazine you'll get an inside look at both the upcoming video game and the new Terminator film, including:

  • Terminator Salvation's numerous menacing Terminator machines, including one that makes Arnie's model look friendly.
  • First details on Terminator Salvation's epic story.
  • The weapons used in Salvation's battle against the machines.
  • A guide to all the versions of the humanoid Terminator models, everything from Schwarzenegger's T-800 up till now.
  • Images from both the movie and the game.
  • A look back at previous Terminator video games.

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I don't know about you but that sucker looks way more intimidating than the T-800 from the original film did. Over at they also have the cover image of their March issue with a close-up of the "skull."

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