Sylvester Stallone Supports India's Rambo Remake

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Rambo is ready to draw blood once more via a Bollywood remake - one that now has Sylvester Stallone's blessing. While we may have already started fan casting the likes of Ryan Gosling as the next man to stick on a tank top, Bollywood is working on its own remake of the movie franchise (which began in 1982).

For many, there will only ever be one Rambo - the muscular physique of Sylvester Stallone - but Bollywood has found their own man to fulfill the role. 27-year-old Tiger Shroff will play India's answer to Sly, and we are told to look out for a star on the rise. Famous for Bollywood films like Baaghi and Heropanti, Shroff is apparently a popular choice for the lead role about a troubled war veteran with a thirst for blood.

While Stallone had previously given his blessing to the Hollywood remake of Rambo, he has also taken to Twitter and Instagram in support of the Bollywood iteration (see below). While he will apparently have no involvement in either the new Western or Bollywood versions of Rambo, Stallone wishes the filmmakers good luck and shared his adoration of the role in general.

I read recently they are remaking Rambo in India !! I wish them luck .. Great character.. I was going to do another one, but now?

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Reportedly, the hype surrounding Bollywood Rambo is even bigger than the anticipation of the Western remake, while the hunt for Rambo was the Indian equivalent to casting Cable for Deadpool 2. The plot for the Bollywood version sounds typically Rambo-esque, as it focuses on the only surviving member of a covert branch of the Indian Armed Forces. Rambo heads home amidst a bloody battle on his doorstep, forcing him into the frosty climbs of the Himalayas and to fulfill his destiny as an unstoppable killing machine.

Rambo has immortalized a special part of the '80s, with the role becoming synonymous with Stallone. However, with news of a possible TV series reboot, the action actor announced that he was retiring from his tenure as Rambo, leaving 2008's Rambo as his last performance. Since then, news has been scarce on the Hollywood reboot, but we do know it will be ironically titled Rambo: First Blood for the second time in the franchise's history.

There is certainly some serious money in Bollywood remakes, while Bollywood Rambo will be directed by the acclaimed Siddharth Anand. Anand is the man behind the popular film Bang Bang, which was the Bollywood version of Tom Cruise's Knight and Day and netted an impressive $55 million. Filming is scheduled to start in February and is aiming for a tentative release for late 2018. With your lead actor locked in, an already avid fan base, and the approval of Sylvester Stallone himself, what more could you want for your film?

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