Sylvester Stallone anchored last month’s bout of machismo and manly brawling – in the form of Bullet to the Head – but, unfortunately, few people turned out to see what proved to be an exhilarating and genuine action throwback. That song ought to change on Sly’s upcoming projects, since the majority of them will feature one more tough guy screen icon to sweeten the deal – or several, in the case of The Expendables 3.

We’ve previously reported about unconfirmed (re: rumored) Expendables 3 casting possibilities such as Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal, in addition to confirmation from Jackie Chan that Sly is fleshing out a role for him in the threequel. Today, we can offer something more official on the situation, courtesy of Stallone’s recent comments on his certified Twitter account.

Expendables 2 brought new aging screen heroes into the mix and moved the action franchise towards being more tongue-in-cheek and even intentional self-parody, resulting in a sequel which many felt improved on its predecessor. According to Sly, that was his plan from the start – and so, that trend will continue in the third installment:

Sly went on to reveal that Seagal has passed on the offer to join the Expendables 3 cast and tease that “maybe we get lucky with J. Chan!” Seagal’s decision isn’t as shocking when you recall his casual (apathetic?) comments about the prospect in the past – which is curious, given the state of his career – but Chan appears to be more inclined to say yes, judging by his more outgoing and fan-friendly attitude.

jackie chan expendables 3 Sylvester Stallone Updates Expendables 3; No Steven Seagal, Maybe Jackie Chan

Hopefully, we’ll soon have a concrete update on the situation with the martial arts legend, as well as other rumored Expendables 3 candidates like Nic Cage and Wesley Snipes. Meanwhile, Sly’s also looking to recruit some “young bloods” for the movie, as he explained in greater depth with the Tweet below:

Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Nan Yu played a youthful addition and “tough, REAL” female lead in Expendables 2, but it sounds as though Sly has more in mind than just rehashing their characters (but with different actors). The “tech wizard” and “super brains” comment sounds like the Expendables are getting their own version of ‘Q’ from the James Bond franchise; specifically, the ‘young and hip’ variety, as played by Ben Whishaw in Skyfall.

As for a younger woman addition who’s there for more than sex appeal: there are plenty of fine choices, including people like Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6) and Katee Sackhoff (Riddick). Those two in particular are currently tapped to appear in an all-women Expendables-esque action flick that’s in development, but there are many fans who might actually prefer either one of them to instead join Sly and his boys on their next romp. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, of course.


The Expendables 3 may begin filming later this year to make a Summer 2014 release date, so keep you eyes peeled for more information arriving during the forthcoming months.

Source: Sylvester Stallone

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