Sylvester Stallone Moving Ahead With 3D Sci-Fi Thriller 'Hunter'

The next film that Sylvester Stallone will write, direct, and star in looks to be 'Hunter', a 3D project about a veteran hunter who battles a government experiment gone wrong.

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When Sylvester Stallone attended the London premiere for The Expendables 2, he brought up the idea of trying something different in Expendables 3 (should it happen), leading us to speculate that he could be interested in adding some sci-fi flavor to the testosterone-fueled franchise. Sly hasn't tackled that genre since his days making Demolition Man and Judge Dredd back in the 1990s, but there was a time when he had his eye on a version of Rambo 5 - subtitled The Savage Hunt - that read as a semi-adaptation of James Byron Huggins' novel Hunter.

Sly has been sitting on the rights to Huggins' book for over a decade, and the latest reports on the subject indicate that he's planning to make a straight-forward adaptation of Hunter his next project.

Huggins' source novel revolves around a seasoned hunter named, well... Nathaniel Hunter, who is recruited by the government to take down a genetically-modified, half-human abomination that has escaped from a (not-so) secret facility located in the Arctic Circle, and is heading south towards civilization. If you're experiencing a sense of déjà vu right now, it might be because you remember that the synopsis for Rambo V: The Savage Hunt was identical to the summary for Hunter (albeit, the titular protagonist had been switched out for John Rambo).

Bloody Disgusting says that Lionsgate is fast-tracking Hunter for release in 2014, with Stallone onboard as writer, director, and star; moreover, the project will be filmed in 3D, a first for Sly. Hunter should also make heavier use of digital effects than any other film helmed by the 66-year old action star to date (no, the CGI blood in the first two Expendables movies doesn't count).

Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head
Sylvester Stallone in 'Bullet to the Head'

Next year will be a trip down memory lane for Sly, what with his buddy-movie throwbacks Bullet to the Head and The Tomb (the latter co-headlined by Arnold Schwarzenegger). Stallone coined the phrase "male-pattern badness" to describe the old-fashioned school of action cinema he helped to establish - where bulky screen heroes tossed around cheesy one-liners and killed their enemies without remorse - and has made it no secret that he's been going all out these past few years, in order to keep the style alive.

That's not to say that Sly is changing course with Hunter; instead, he's keeping his tradition alive, while at the same time moving forward by incorporating different tropes and technical elements (like 3D) into the mix. It may be welcome news for fans who are tired of watching Stallone indulge in nostalgia - while, at the same time, cracking jokes about how he's a senior citizen action star.

More on Hunter as the story develops.


Source: Bloody Disgusting

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