SYFY’s Happy! Trailer Teases Extremely Graphic Comic Book Series


The first trailer for Syfy's adaptation of the comic series Happy! has arrived, teasing lots of violence and bloodshed to come. Debuting in 2012, Happy! has quickly gained a reputation as one of Image Comics must-read books. Written by venerable scribe Grant Morrison, the story follows ex-cop Nick Sax as he slowly goes mad and begins hallucinating a tiny, winged unicorn named Happy. Together, the two embark on a violent spree as a hitman.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Syfy had ordered the series to air starring Christopher Meloni (Wet Hot American SummerLaw & Order). Originally, SNL alum Bobby Moynihan was all set to voice Happy, but he dropped out once his show Me, Myself and I was picked up. Instead, comedian Patton Oswalt will voice the maniacal little critter who accompanies Nick on his destructive journey. Now, we have a new look at the show and the promise that there will be blood.

Syfy has posted the latest teaser trailer for Happy!, promising the adaptation will be every bit as violent and graphic as the comic it's based upon. Though we don't see much in the short video, we do get plenty of blood and violence from Nick as he escapes a hospital accompanied by Happy.

The latest look at the show is the second teaser we've seen so far. During Comic-Con, a slightly lengthier trailer was unveiled which offered a bit more insight into the adaptation. Originally slated to debut in November, it was recently revealed that Happy! won't air until December of this year. Given that, it's likely that a few more teasers will arrive in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, all of the teasers will lead to a full trailer. On top of that, more images and plot details should be on their way. We know that the villain of the series will be played by Joseph Reitman, but the rest of the cast is still unknown. Though the concept and teasers have been eye-catching, Syfy won't want to wait too much longer to let fans know exactly what the series is about and what its tone will be. Luckily, shows like Preacher have already trod similar ground to much success, so the dark action-comedy should find an audience. When more news arrives for Happy! we'll let you know.

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Happy! premieres on Wednesday, December 6th on SYFY.

Source: Syfy

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