Syfy Orders Superhero Pilot 'Three Inches'

Those who are of the mindset that there aren’t enough superhero series on television are in luck, as Syfy announced that they’ve ordered a pilot for Three Inches, a show that takes the traditional superhero drama and puts a twist on it. While I’m sure they’re referring to the plot, I’m hoping that the twist is that it’ll actually be good.

Created by Harley Peyton (Twin Peaks) and Bob Cooper, Three Inches centers around an underachiever who acquires the ability of psychokinesis, but, as the title suggests, is only able to move objects a distance of three inches. Gifted with a lackluster superpower, he decides recruit others who have also received “super” powers like his own to form a rag-tag team of not-so-superheroes.

Mark Stern, executive VP of development for Syfy considers Three Inches “a fun, smart, offbeat spin on the superhero genre. It’s a very postmodern approach, with a really wonderful, tongue-in-cheek script.”

Instead of committing to a set number of episodes, Syfy has decided try out the series as a 90-minute pilot, which will most likely be presented as a television movie. While Three Inches sounds like a show that would get picked up, Syfy has been pretty unpredictable when it comes to picking up series presented as television movie events – even if they end up being good (The Lost Room).

From the looks of it, Syfy seems to be pretty pumped-up about the superhero genre; if for some reason Three Inches doesn’t perform as expected, they’ve already got another superhero pilot, Alphas, ready to go.

Can this be true? Is someone actually creating an entertaining superhero drama? After having to suffer through Heroes for the past three seasons, I’m ready to start enjoying superhero programming once again. I’m glad that Syfy is throwing their hat into the ring. I’m excited to see it.

Whether any of these shows can hold up after the first season is the real question...

What do you think of Syfy’s new superhero drama(s)? Are you ready for something new or has Heroes beaten you down so far that you’ll stick with that show until it’s canceled?

No dates have been announced, but if all things go well, expect to see Three Inches premiere this fall on Syfy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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