New Images From SyFy's 'Phantom' Miniseries

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Back in October we posted the first trailer for Syfy's modern-day version of The Phantom, which is set to debut next week as a two-night, four-hour miniseries event. Today we have some new images from Syfy's Phantom miniseries to share with you.

For those not familiar, The Phantom is a superhero with a long history: The character (created by Lee Falk) first debuted in American adventure comic strips back in 1936, and has been re-imagined many, many, times in the years since.

The synopsis for Syfy's modern-day version of "The Ghost Who Walks" can be found below:

The legendary superhero returns in this modern-day and action packed miniseries event. When Kit Walker (Ryan Carnes) learns of his father’s death, the adventurous young man inherits the mantle of his superhero father. As the new Phantom, the 21st in the Walker line, Kit vows to uphold and honor his ancestors’ creed-to fight crime and injustice throughout the world.

That's basically the same basic premise that was used for the versions of the character I grew up with, including  the 1996 live-action Phantom movie starring Billy Zane (it was terrible), and/or the '90s cartoon version of the character, Phantom 2040 (slightly less terrible). Each version - although set in different times and places - has Kit Walker as the protagonist (this family is not too original when it comes to names, apparently).

Anyway, check out the images from Syfy's version of The Phantom:

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For the complete gallery, head over to Sci Fi Wire.

What did you think of the images? Are you a fan of The Phantom and will you be tuning in to the Syfy miniseries next week? Let us know in the comments.

The Phantom will premiere on Syfy Sunday June 20 @ 7 p.m. EST/PST

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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