Syfy Developing Alien Abduction Drama 'The Communion Letters'

Syfy - The Communion Letters

Syfy is looking to expand their preternatural programming with The Communion Letter, a drama revolving around those who have experienced an alien abduction.

Developed for television by Jonathan Gruger, the co-creator of ABC Family’s cult series Kyle XY, and writer Dave Matalon, The Communion Letters will follow the lead character, Tome, as he examines claims of those who believe they have encountered, or been abducted by, aliens.

The Communion Letter is inspired by the 1997 book of the same name, from Whitley Strieber and Anne Strieber. After believing that he was abducted by aliens from a cabin in upstate New York in 1985, Whitley Strieber chronicled his experiences in the book.

After its release, Strieber began receiving letters from others describing their own abduction experiences, which were released by Whitley Strieber and Anne Strieber as the appropriately titled collective, “The Communion Letters.”

Serving as executive producers on the show, Gruger and Matalon will be joined by Red Dawn, A Man Apart, and Poolhall Junkies producer Vincent Newman, to help bring The Communion Letters to television. But are Syfy viewers looking for an extraterrestrial series to fill the void that will be felt when Eureka comes to an end?

Will 'The Communion Letters' be similar to The X-Files?

Outside of the otherworldly-based series Battlestar Galactica and the various iterations of the Stargate franchise, Syfy hasn’t really delved much into the world of aliens on present-day earth. While almost every variation of ghostly entertainment is currently available on the cable network, The Communion Letters may be the step in the right direction to help Syfy truly live up to its name.

Of course, it’s hard to discuss the plot of The Communion Letters without bringing up The X-Files. While The Communion Letters may not have Mulder and Scully to lead the way, perhaps television audiences are in the mood for the long-awaited return of episodic tales of mystery and phenomena.

Following NBC’s general failure with The Event, and ABC’s lackluster performance with V, the only alien-based drama currently on television is TNT’s breakout hit, Falling Skies. As Falling Skies focuses more on the adventurous aspect of an alien invasion, it appears that The Communion Letters is without competition in its specific genre.

Let’s just hope they make the most of it.


The Communion Letters is currently in-development. We’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date with its progress

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