SyFy Channel Episode Previews: 'Stargate Universe' 'Caprica' & 'Ghost Hunters'

SyFy Reimagines Peter Pan In Neverland

The SyFy channel is a source of entertainment for many of you sci-fi fans out there who also happen to favor our site, Screen Rant. So, in honor of you guys we thought we'd offer you a look at the next episodes of some of your favorite SyFy channel shows, namely Stargate Universe, Caprica and Ghost Hunters.

The clips are about two minutes each, and each clip tries its best to hook you into what this latest episode is going to be about.

I'll be the first to confess that I don't actually watch any of the three shows featured below, but since we had access to these preview clips (and I was the only one around to write them up ;-) ) I just didn't think it right to deny you guys, our readers, the opportunity to see them.

So, without further ado, check out these preview clips from the latest episodes of Stargate Universe, Caprica, and Ghost Hunters.:




So there you have it, clips from three of your favorite (or not) SyFy shows' upcoming episodes. Feel free to discuss what all was going on in the clips in the comment section below. In meantime, I have to run back over to the 2010 New York Comic Con to dig up more great news for you sci-fi TV/Movie fans!

You can catch Stargate Universe Tuesday @ 9/8C

Caprica Tuesday @ 10/9C

Ghost Hunters Wednesday @ 9/8C

Source: SyFy

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