Syfy’s The Purge TV Series Casts Three More


Three more actors have signed on to become regulars on Syfy's The Purge, the spin-off from James DeMonaco's successful film franchise. DeMonaco is overseeing the series, which will explore some of the themes and social impact outside of the so-called Purge Nights. The character bios released with the announcement also hint at some of the plot-strands that will be explored across this 10 episode series, which is expected to air later this year.

The Purge was created by James DeMonaco, and released in 2013. Set in a near-future dystopian world, where the powerful NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America) allow an annual night of sanctioned lawlessness and murder, it led to a franchise that further explored the concept. Whereas Anarchy and Election Year detailed the fall of the NFFA and the Purge Night, the upcoming The First Purge shows its beginnings. Away from theaters, a TV version of The Purge was announced for development back in 2016 by DeMonaco. It is said to take place in a time period sometime between the second and third film, showing Purge Night at the height of its 'popularity'. Given the extra time for set-up and character development, the plot arc is said to partially take place outside of the annual night of chaos, exploring the overall impact and effect that it has on various characters.

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As reported by Deadline, three actors have just joined the series as regulars. They are; Lili Simmons (Banshee), Hannah Anderson (Jigsaw), and Lee Tergesen (Outcast). Each of them will be playing characters directly influenced by the ongoing practise of the Purge. Simmons will be Lila, 'a young, rich, and rebellious, woman' who tries to distance herself from the affluent groups that openly support the NFFA, although she has 'unfinished business' to take care of. Anderson is portraying Jenna, a charitable person who is totally anti-Purge, but finds herself confronted with violence during that time nonetheless. Tergesen is playing a more mysterious character called Joe, who armors himself up and drives through the town 'intervening in acts of Purge violence', which sounds like it could be a variant on Frank Grillo's Leo Barnes depending on his allegiances.

The Purge Election Year

The three newcomers join the previously announced Gabriel Chavarria and Jessica Garza, a brother and sister who are apparently caught up in a 'Purge-worshipping cult”. Others already confirmed in the cast are Amanda Warren (The Leftovers) and Colin Woodell (Unsane). The Emmy award winning director Anthony Hemingway (American Crime Story) has also been tapped to helm the premiere episode of the series. Although it hasn't been announced, it is rumored that the series will launch close to the release of The First Purge in July.

Whilst previous indications suggested that the bulk of the plot would stay away from Purge Night, the character bios suggest that this isn't strictly true. Perhaps the more interesting aspects are the constant references to 'cults' and various social movements that either support or condemn the Purge Nights. It certainly seems that the series will be sharing some of the aspects of The First Purge and exploring the political and personal motives of those caught up in this alternate USA. No doubt there will be plenty of 'Purging' and violent set pieces as well though. More news as we get it.

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There is no official premiere date yet for The Purge TV Show. We’ll keep you updated

Source: Deadline

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