Syfy Orders Script From 'Heroes' Star Masi Oka

Masi Oka developing new show for Syfy

Syfy has tasked Heroes' hero Hiro for a new pilot script. Masi Oka will develop The Correctors, a universe and body-hopping sci-fi drama, alongside fellow writer Alex Sabeti.

The story for The Correctors is described as a mix of alternate universe action and time travel. It follows two agents who travel to a parallel universe (Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop's ears are turning red) to inhabit the bodies of their parrallel selves. While on missions, they "correct" events and/or prevent disasters from occurring.

The story for the project is being developed by Oka and Sabeti, with the latter writing the script. Oka is serving as an executive producer and while it hasn't been confirmed whether the actor would have a role on the show, including him would seem like a no-brainer.

Assuming he is, The Correctors presents the science fiction fan with several questions: what happens to the consciousness of the agents' alternate selves? How would changing something in an alternate universe affect our own? Will Oka's character get an awesome samurai sword as much development time as he did on Heroes?

Masi Oka is most recognizable for Heroes, where he played time-traveling Japanese national Hiro Nakamura, but Heroes finished its fourth and final season last year. Oka had parts in the Get Smart movie adaptation and Fired Up!, as well as recurring roles on Scrubs and Hawaii Five-O, where he still occasionally appears as Dr. Bergman the coroner.

Masi Oka and co-star Nate torrence in 'Get Smart'
Masi Oka and costar Nate torrence in 'Get Smart'

In a refreshing turn of events, Syfy has begun to focus on scripted science fiction series once again (or at least given them as much attention as their reality shows). While Stargate: Universe is wrapping up its second season and not getting renewed for a third, new superhero series Alphas will premiere this summer alongside Eureka and Warehouse 13. And there's also the as-yet-unscheduled BSG spinoff Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome to look forward to.

Heroes fans will be happy to know that creator and executive producer Tim Kring is keeping busy: he's currently producing Touch, a pilot project for Fox starring Kiefer Sutherland.  Fellow cast members Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia both landed voice acting roles in the US versions of Marvel's Iron Man and Wolverine anime cartoons.

Currently The Correctors is only a script, without even a pilot ordered. But a recognizable genre favorite like Oka can only help its chances for production.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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