Superman's Grandfather Cast in Krypton TV Series

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In recent years, a number of superhero and comic book based television series have hit screens, though some have found more success than others. For instance, The CW's DC Comics Arrowverse is thriving, while NBC's Constantine was cancelled after one season. However, a number of superhero TV concepts haven't made it to TV just yet, like Marvel and Freeform's younger skewing Cloak and Dagger show as well as Syfy's DC Comics prequel series Krypton. The latter received a pilot order from Syfy earlier this year and it seems Krypton is currently in the process of casting.

Written and created by David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman), Krypton takes place two generations prior to the destruction of the planet and baby Kal-El's trip to Earth where he becomes Clark Kent and Superman. In addition to following the House of El, the Zod family will factor greatly into Krypton, and Georgina Campbell previously joined Krypton as Lyta Zod. Now, Krypton has found its House of El star.

TV Guide is reporting the Syfy series has added newcomer Cameron Cuffe (Florence Foster Jenkins) as Seg-El, father of Jor-El and grandfather of Kal-El - though the network specifically describes the character as an ancestor rather than Kal-El's grandfather. In the comics, Seg-El appeared in Starman #51 - based on a story by Goyer and writer James Robinson - as the grumpy father of Jor-El, but the casting description for the character revealed Krypton's lead will be “athletic, quietly confident, and in his 20s.

Krypton Cameron Cuffe Cast Seg-El

Although we don't know much about the plot of Krypton exactly, the pilot will find Seg-El stripped of his rank and living among the lowest caste of the planet's society. As DC Comics fans may know, Kryptonian society is made up of different castes, with scientists ranking at the top along with those focused on religion, art, and the military. Presumably, Lyta Zod will fall into the military leading caste as a "reluctant warrior" and presumed ancestor of Superman foe General Zod. Meanwhile, Seg-El will be among the workers of the lower castes - leading to the star-crossed romance between him and Lyta.

While Krypton may be a chance for fans to see a new side of Superman's home planet - especially in live-action since most Superman stories focus more on the world's destruction than its society or inhabitants - it may be some time before we know exactly what to expect from the Syfy series. With casting underway and the show still in the pilot stages (Syfy hasn't ordered Krypton to series yet), it remains to be seen when - or if - fans will get to watch Seg-El's story play out on TV.

We’ll bring you more information on Krypton as it becomes available.

Source: TV Guide

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