Syfy’s Krypton, Nightflyers & Deadly Class Confirmed For SDCC 2018

Syfy is heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year, bringing with it upcoming shows Deadly Class and Nightflyers along with returning favorite Krypton. While Syfy's rebranding a few years back didn't excise their penchant for schlocky films, their TV efforts have been gathering more and more acclaim. Shows like Wynonna Earp and The Expanse have garnered dedicated fanbases and critical acclaim, and the network is hoping to get more of the same as it grows its genre offerings. Already, Syfy's Superman prequel proved to be just what audiences were looking for, with Krypton's second season teaser revealing the plans in place for the show's return.

Beyond established shows like Krypton, however, there's a number of adaptations in store for viewers of the network. Back in 2016, the Russo Brothers began adapting Deadly Class for TV, taking the hit indie comic and gearing it up to eventually land on Syfy. Meanwhile, the television version of George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers got a trailer recently, showing the creator's take on sci-fi will be every bit as sprawling as his fantasy epic. And for those attending Comic-Con next month, all of Syfy's latest and upcoming offerings will be on display.

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Deadline is reporting that KryptonDeadly Class, and Nightflyers are all scheduled to have panels at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Wynona Earp is also expected to have a panel, bringing the veteran series to the convention along with the newer projects. Like the other new shows, a trailer for Deadly Class has already been unveiled, so it's not clear what all will be revealed at SDCC. But Syfy has already begun a massive promotional push, as evidenced by this Deadly Class train ad that comic creator Rick Remender captured.

The look at Deadly Class we saw recently was only a teaser, so the likelihood of a full trailer at SDCC seems high. The full cast of Deadly Class has also been revealed, so attendees can probably expect some of them to be there along with the creatives. There's also a chance the Russo brothers will show up, though they could be busy with Avengers 4 reshoots at the time.

For Krypton, there's still plenty that could be teased beyond what we know. The show has already hinted at a larger DC universe, so a look at the Green Lantern Corps in Krypton could be in the cards. Nightflyers, meanwhile, still has a lot of mystery surrounding it. We know the team behind the show will be at the panel, but so far there's no word if Martin will also be there. After all, he's still neck-deep in writing the next book in his most popular series.

Regardless of who shows up or what is planned, it's unlikely SDCC will end without some new reveals for the Syfy TV shows. So for all the latest on KryptonDeadly Class, and Nightflyers, stay tuned for our ongoing San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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Sources: Deadline, Rick Remender

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