SYFY’s Krypton Reveals Original Fortress of Solitude & More In New Images

Krypton Fortress of Solitude Syfy

Not too terribly long from now SYFY will premiere its Superman prequel series Krypton, but just to keep fans excited, here are some new images from the show, including a look at the original Fortress of Solitude. The upcoming series from executive producer David Goyer promises to deliver a unique twist on the origin of the Man of Steel, while also taking viewers deeper into the inner workings of Kal-El’s homeworld than ever before. Although the network has been doling out small glimpses at what’s to come, these new images are perhaps the best and most detailed so far.

Another DC Comics prequel series that promises to be without the main hero in question, Krypton joins FOX’s Gotham in the category of interesting sounding TV concepts that are inevitably tough to sell. Though Gotham has seen fit to deliver proto-Batman in its fourth season, it seems unlikely fans will see Kal-El as anything other than a glimmer in his father’s eye — and even that’s a stretch considering the story unfolds around Seg-El, the future hero’s grandfather.

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Moving back a generation gives Krypton some breathing room to tell its story, and considering part of that story involves Seg-El learning of his grandson’s future, and being forced to weigh having a big blue boy scout as his descendant or, you know, keeping an entire planet from blowing up, the new show will need all the breathing room it can get. That’s an intriguing problem for the new series to solve, and it’s one that requires the audience to become more acquainted with Krypton and its people than ever before, which is now possible thanks to some exclusive photos from EW. Check them and their concept art out in the gallery below:

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The new images deliver a good look at the original Fortress of Solitude, Fort Rozz’s War Room, Seg-El’s home, Kem’s Bar, and an ornate walkway known as the Guilded Area. It’s likely that everyone with even a passing interest in Superman has heard the term Fortress of Solitude, but Krypton is going to demonstrate how it’s not just a piece of Kal-El’s home planet on his adopted home, but a structure that holds significant meaning for the House of El. Production designer Ondrej Nekvasil told EW:

“What was important is that this place is not just a workshop or laboratory. It’s also some kind of spiritual place for the family. They also keep all the things they’ve invented. Not only the grandfather of our hero, but also his grandfather and his grandfather.”

It’s anyone’s guess how fans are going to react to the prequel series and whether or not anything introduced here will be deemed too much of a departure from the source material or DC Comics canon. So far, Krypton looks as though it’s being mindful of its approach to Superman lore, but you never know just how far the series will take things in order to distinguish itself.

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Krypton premieres Wednesday, March 21, 2018 on SYFY.

Source: EW

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