SYFY’s Happy! Adaptation Casts Joseph Reitman As Main Villain

Joseph Reitman has joined the cast of Syfy’s Happy!, an upcoming television series based on Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel of the same name. As part of its new powerhouse slate of original programming geared toward comic book fans - which also includes the Superman-prequel series, Krypton - Syfy is bringing Happy! to the small screen.

The series stars Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) as Nick Sax, an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hitman who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong that involves Nick suffering a heart attack, he wakes up and is startled by the sight of Happy (voiced by Saturday Night Live alum Bobby Moynihan), an imaginary blue winged-horse that is bursting with Disney-like enthusiasm and optimism. Nick, whose inebriated life is forever changed by Happy, is the only one that can see and hear the cartoonish creature.

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Deadline is reporting Reitman, who has nabbed small roles in many television shows (Supernatural) and movies (Money Monster) throughout his 26-year career, will portray the “crazy and delusional” main villain in Happy! The cast also includes Lili Mirojnick (Friends With Benefits) as Det. Meredith McCarthy, who is described as a tough but good homicide detective that has swallowed her pride and given up her ideals to save her job and protect her elderly mother.

Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles) is executive producing and co-wrote the pilot along with Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer). While chatting with EW recently, Morrison provided some more details about the show’s premise:

“One night, a hit goes wrong, and Nick wakes up with a tiny blue horse on his chest. The horse announces that he’s a little girl’s imaginary friend, and only Nick Sax can save her, because he’s the only other person who can see the imaginary friend, whose name is Happy — Happy the Horse. So, that’s our basic high concept. It’s about the most cynical man on earth being teamed up with a ridiculously upbeat, optimistic little cartoon creature. It’s also set around Christmas. Part of our idea was to do a modern update of things like Scrooge or It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s like A Christmas Carol meets Pulp Fiction, let’s say.”

When can we expect Happy! to make its debut? Originally, Syfy planned a winter 2017 premiere, but now the pilot is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

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Source: Deadline

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