Syfy Developing 'Hackers' Unscripted Series

Sigh developing Hackers unscripted series

If the hacking of Sony Pictures proved anything, it’s that there’s very little we actually understand about the world of computer hacking. However, Syfy’s hoping to change that, with an upcoming unscripted series about the subject.

CBS’ Scorpion TV series and Universal’s upcoming action/thriller Blackhat are but two examples of pop culture tapping into the current hot button issues of computer hacking and cyber security. It's no surprise then that other television networks are looking to capitalize on the subject by any means necessary. If done right, there’s potential for an unscripted look at this world to become something very interesting, so we’re not scoffing at the idea just yet.

Syfy, in an announcement made today, revealed it would be teaming up with Relativity Television to produce Hackers, a non-scripted look at the real world of computer hacking. Here is the official statement from the network:

Hackers will reveal the secrets behind the most infamous cyber-crimes ever committed, using sophisticated, never-before-seen digital graphics to create an experiential “hacking” scene that exposes what actually happens when a computer network is broken into – including what goes on inside the mind of the hacker.

Syfy’s statement goes to say every episode will explore the happening of a headline-creating hacking case - and will dive headfirst into the mind of the perpetrator responsible.

Chris Hemsworth Michael Mann On Set Blackhat
Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann filming 'Blackhat'

The big question is, can the internet’s news cycle hold out long enough for this Hackers series to be relevant in the eyes of a public that will have a fair amount of distance between it and the Sony attack (by the time Syfy's show premieres)? The big season finale could even be an exploration into the latest headline creating cyber crime of 2014; which is to say, there could be a great half-hour or hour of television in it. That's in addition to the episodes about other major hackings of last year.

Something we’d really like to see is a full blown drama set in the underground world of computer hacking; one that really shows us what we’re up against. An unscripted series is cool and all, but imagine spending week in and week out inside a world we know next to nothing about, but interact with on a nearly daily basis. Now that could be something highly intriguing.

There’s currently no premiere date set for Hackers.

Source: Syfy

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