Syfy Developing Ghost Wars TV Series with Vincent D'Onofrio

Syfy announces Vincent D'Onofrio will soon be headlining a new paranormal action series called Ghost Wars, from Van Helsing showrunner Simon Barry.

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Vincent D'Onofrio will be heading into battle with the paranormal on a brand-new series from Syfy called Ghost Wars. For the past few years, Syfy has been gaining back the creative credibility many of its schlocky original movies have wiled away, pumping out a number of strong genre shows. Series like The Expanse, film-turned-series 12 Monkeys, and the network's adaptation of The Magicians have all gained them acclaim and a new audience of sci-fi and fantasy fans.

On the horizon, Syfy will be wading into more mainstream comic book waters with its show Krypton, which will follow the story of Superman's grandparents and may just connect to the DCEU. And in the past year, newer series like the comic book property Wynonna Earp and a retelling of Van Helsing are looking promising, with the former recently gaining a new season order amid critical praise. For Simon Barry, the creator behind Van Helsing and the cult classic Continuum, he's only just getting started.

Deadline reports that Barry will be showrunning Ghost Wars, which will be led by Vincent D'Onofrio and co-star Kim Coates, Avan Jogia, Kristin Lehman, and Meatloaf. The series will follow a psychic named Roman Mercer in an isolated town in Alaska. Viewed as a pariah for his powers, Mercer (played by Jogia) will need to come to grips with his abilities in order to fend off a paranormal invasion.

The Expanse SyFy Rocinante Crew

All told, the premise is an exciting one, and the presence of D'Onofrio only bolsters the excitement surrounding the project. There's no word yet on who he'll play, but his recent work on Daredevil has proven he's capable of just about anything. Ghost Wars will be getting a 13-episode order, with the first season angling to air this year on Syfy. For international audiences, meanwhile, Netflix will be picking up the show and will likely scoop it up stateside once the first season is finished.

Barry also spoke a bit about the themes of the series, teasing the grounded and human elements that will be at play in the supernatural action show:

“Ghost Wars is not just a contemporary homage to classic psychological horror, it’s also an opportunity to tell stories about human politics and how we shape our beliefs and lives based on our individual perspectives and biases. Science, Humanism, Religion and the Paranormal all get a seat at the table. I’m grateful that Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev have assembled such a wealth of talent, both in front of and behind the camera, to hopefully elevate this genre series beyond expectations.”

Between the caliber of the cast and creatives, the exciting premise, and the promise of social relevance, Ghost Wars looks to be a potential hit for Syfy and genre fans alike.

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Source: Deadline

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