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For Syfy, nothing is sacred—not even the Good Book. Monster Ark is exactly what it sounds like: two archaeologists, Dr. Ava Greenway (Renee O’Connor of Xena: Warrior Princess) and Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro (Tim DeKay) discover an ancient inscription in some Israeli ruins claiming that Noah

built an ark much different than the one everyone learned about in Sunday School. Instead of two of every animal, this ark contained only one beast: the Nephilim, a fearsome creature determined to bring about the end of mankind. Thinking the monstrous long dead, the scientists seek out the ark and unwittingly release the creature from its ancient prison to wreak havoc on the world once again. The archaeologists set out to find Noah’s staff, their only hope to corral the Nephilim into banishment once again.

While the Bible certainly has its share of monsters, the story behind the Nephilim is a bit more outlandish than the giant slayed by a single rock or swarms of angry bugs. Although there’s only a single creature in Monster Ark, the Nephilim were actually an entire race of demons created by the union of a “son of God” and a “daughter of man.” Much of the details surrounding the Nephilim is contested among different religious sects, but the beast of Monster Ark was created by God before he created man. For some unknown reason, God was unable to destroy the demon and therefore commanded Noah to rid the world of it. Noah built two arks: one for the animals, which he steered to safety, and one for the Nephilim, which he sunk to the bottom of the sea.

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