Syfy Developing 'Booster Gold' TV Series

Booster Gold Syfy TV Show

After a well-received appearance in the final season of WB's seminal superhero series Smallville, the popular DC character Booster Gold is returning to the small screen in his own TV show for the Syfy channel.

The series is being headed up by Greg Berlanti's production company, Berlanti Productions. Comic book fans might recall that Greg Berlanti is no stranger to the DC Universe. He created the superhero family drama No Ordinary Family and also wrote and produced Green Lantern (though you shouldn't hold that against him). Comic book and TV scribe Andrew Kreisberg, who has written for Fringe, has signed on to write the pilot episode of the show.

Having his own TV show w0uld be a fitting development for Booster Gold, whose gimmick involves being a fame-hungry time traveler who uses future technology to become a modern-day superhero. Booster Gold was played by Eric Martsolf in Smallville, and alongside fellow superhero Blue Beetle proved to be popular with fans. Gold was also an important character in DC's Flashpoint comic book event, which preceded the company's New 52 relaunch.

The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news, notes that Syfy has only ordered a script for the show, not a full pilot. However, given the potential for the character, as well as the overwhelming popularity of comic book properties with mainstream audiences, I wouldn't be surprised to see Syfy move forward with the series, eventually.

Smallville: 'Booster' - Booster Gold

Booster Gold on Smallville.

While I've liked him as comic relief, I've never been a big fan of Booster Gold as a serious character. He's definitely grown on me over the last year though, because of his unique backstory. The concept of a flashy, egotistical superhero from the future has a lot of potential for a TV series, particularly because, as THR writes, "the future doesn’t happen without first protecting the present."

To those Booster Gold fans out there, what would you like to see in this TV series? Would you tune into Syfy to check out the character?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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