Frak! Another Battlestar Galactica Spin-Off?

battlestar galactica blood and chrome pilot

Syfy is in the middle of a big push for new programming. In addition to the superhero pilot Three Inches we covered earlier today, it appears that the cable channel is also seeking to extend the Battlestar Galactica franchise with another spin-off.

You might think talk of a spin-off Battlestar series would be the symbolic sayonara to Syfy's Battlestar prequel series, Caprica, which has seen mostly uninspired ratings so far.

Mark Stern, SyFy's executive vice president of development, was quick to defend Caprica:

“We have a lot of hope for that show. The (DVR data) has been very promising and growing week after week. The ratings don't reflect the potential audience."

Maybe so, but developing a new Battlestar property certainly does seem to indicate that a large portion of the Galactica audience never made the jump to Caprica - and SyFy is hoping to find a new vehicle with which to reclaim those viewers.

Caprica isn't the disaster that some critics have made it out to be, and it has been improving from week to week. However, the series still doesn't have a lot of forward momentum - something Battlestar Galactica was rarely lacking.

As a result, it's no surprise that, according to Stern, the new show would return to the space-opera roots of the franchise:

“We’re looking for other ways to spin off ‘Battlestar’ beyond ‘Caprica.' That world is so rich. We’re sitting down with (executive producer) Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.”

If SyFy does intend to launch Battlestar back into space, the channel has definitely put the franchise in an awkward place; the best direction to go in would have been a prequel, perhaps showcasing a young Bill Adama in the later stages of the first cylon war. Now, with Caprica already in the mix, Syfy has already played their "prequel" card.

So what is SyFy to do? Drop another series in between Caprica and Galactica? Not likely.

It's hard for me to get excited about the possibility of another Battlestar series when it feels as though the show's creators are merely throwing what's left of the franchise at the wall in order to see what might stick.

Battlestar Galactica Cast Ensemble

Moore's re-imagining of the Battlestar universe was so unique and imaginative - it's hard to believe this is the same man who would be willing to sit-down with SyFy in order to whittle down what's left of that vision - one spin-off at a time - until nothing remains.

How do you feel about a new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series? What would you like to see SyFy do with the franchise?

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