Swine Flu Delays Mexican Star Trek & Wolverine Premieres

"Quien es mas macho? James T. Kirk o el virus de la gripe porcina?" The answer in English? Swine flu.

The only thing that can stop Star Trek -- J.J. Abrams' May 7 box office juggernaut -- is the virulent, pork-themed virus currently dominating the headlines. Paramount announced Tuesday that it will indefinitely postpone the movie's premiere throughout Mexico.

Mexico's moviegoers were already set to miss out on X-Men Origins: Wolverine as 20th Century Fox announced it would also hold off on screening that blockbuster because of the pandemic.

In the wake of the flu, Mexico City is essentially shut down -- making potential film premieres in the Mexican capital as unprofitable as they are potentially deadly. Both studios also expressed concern for their distribution staffers who would have to move in around the would-be infected.

There's no word when either movie might arrive south of the border, or how the summer's entire release schedule will change as Paramount and Fox have to find an empty weekend somewhere to salvage as many Pesos as possible.

Source: Variety

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