Sweet Transformers Concept Art

Today we've got a collection of concept art by artist Ben Procter (thanks to the very cool site that feature a ton of characters as well as some of key objects from Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

As you'll see, Procter's art is amazing and he's worked on a ton of major feature films before including the Matrix sequels, Superman Returns, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many others.

Unfortunately, most characters in the film weren't given any characterization (most of them weren’t given a name or any dialogue in the movie) and so the concept art for Revenge of the Fallen represents all the characterization we get of many of the Cybertronians featured in the film.

Some of the robot designs in the movie were really cool but some are too extreme. The Alice character in particular had zero purpose in the film other than to take away time from the characters we care more about and make the film make less sense.

Here are the twins in Icecream truck mode. I didn't dig these characters at all and many didn't find them funny or cool - they didn't fit within the movies and took away from what viewers wanted to see. So, of course they were made the stars of the film over the other characters.

Note the awesome symmetrical designs of the faces of The Twins:

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