Swamp Thing Promo Reveals Best Look At DC Universe's Creature Design

DC Universe releases a new promo for the live-action Swamp Thing TV show, giving fans their best look so far at the series' creature design.

Swamp Thing DC Comics

A new promo for DC Universe's live-action Swamp Thing gives fans their best look yet at the show's creature design. The character of Swamp Thing was first introduced by DC Comics back in 1971, and later went on to star in numerous comics series, as well as a 1982 live-action film directed by Wes Craven. Now Swamp Thing will return again in live-action form as an offering on DC's streaming service, DC Universe.

The new series version of Swamp Thing focuses on Alec Holland (Andy Bean), a scientist who after a freak accident is transformed into the show's titular half-man/half-vegetable creature (played by veteran stuntman and creature performer Derek Mears). Crystal Reed plays Abby Arcane, a CDC doctor who returns to her Louisiana hometown to investigate a mysterious outbreak, and discovers the Swamp Thing lurking in the bayous. The show also stars Virginia Madsen, Ian Ziering, Jennifer Beals, Maria Sten and Will Patton.

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Swamp Thing fans were recently afforded their first look at the new live-action series via a trailer, but unfortunately many complained that the very dark lighting made it hard to really see what Swamp Thing actually looks like. Perhaps in response to complaints about the early trailer, a promo has been made available via DC's YouTube channel that offers a much better look at the show's version of the creature. See the promo below:

The fantasy-like and even swooningly romantic feel of the promo is quite in keeping with prior takes on the relationship between Alec Holland/Abby Arcane, and emphasizes the "beauty and the beast" love story element of the new series. More importantly, the face of Swamp Thing is not obscured by shadow in this case but is clearly visible (and open to scrutiny by fans).

IF DC Universe seems uncertain about how to market Swamp Thing, it could be connected to recent negative reports about the show, some of which indicated that season 1 had to be cut short due to "creative differences." The reported early shutdown of Swamp Thing even led some to say the entire DC Universe service might be in jeopardy, though subsequent reports indicate the service is not in danger of being shut down.

Any way you slice it, DC Universe is clearly banking on Swamp Thing being a big part of their streaming slate, and it would be a major blow if the show doesn't succeed in delivering a version of the Swamp Thing character that pleases fans. If the new promo is any indication, the design of Swamp Thing at least is pretty well in keeping with the classic look of the character.

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Swamp Thing season 1 premieres Friday May 31st on DC Universe.

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