Swamp Thing TV Show Trailer Reveals First Look at Creature Transformation

Swamp Thing Trailer

DC releases a Swamp Thing trailer for the upcoming series. Last week, production reportedly shut down for Swamp Thing, thus resulting in a 10-episode first season rather then the scheduled 13 episodes. On the same day, DC released a Swamp Thing teaser, which provided a first look at the live-action title character.

Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the Swamp Thing character debuted in 1971. By 1982, the late Wes Craven adapted the story for a feature film starring Ray Wise as the Louisiana native Alec Holland, a man who transforms into his alter ego, Swamp Thing. In the main female role, Adrienne Barbeau starred as Alice Cable, a replacement of the original comic book character Abby Arcane, Swamp Thing’s love interest. In May 2018, Swamp Thing was ordered to series by DC’s digital service DC Universe, with James Wan on board as a producer. The series’ official characters were announced the same month, and Crystal Reed was officially cast as Abby Arcane last September. Swamp Thing writer Gary Dauberman has suggested that the new series will be scary, violent, and mature.

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On YouTube, DC released an 88-second Swamp Thing trailer, in which Abby Arcane investigates a virus in Louisiana. Naturally, the clip begins in the swamp, much like the most recent teaser that focused primarily on the Swamp Thing character reveal. In the new trailer, however, viewers see Swamp Thing’s point of view as he approaches a boat. In the terrifying final minute, a young girl trembles on a school floor, apparently afflicted by a virus, and a flashback sequence shows a man cutting an unknown object. The trailer then offers a look at Alec Holland’s transformation into Swamp Thing, a moment that comes as a huge surprise to Abby Arcane. From there, the final 30 seconds of the Swamp Thing trailer are essentially a supercut of characters screaming and trying to process the unknown. The clip ends with a fiery blast and Swamp Thing revealing himself to Abby Arcane, who retreats in terror. Watch the creepy Swamp Thing trailer below.

Swamp Thing is the fourth original series from DC Universe. After premiering the news program DC Daily in September 2018, the streaming service released Titans the following month. In January, DC Universe released the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders, then the Titans’ spin-off Doom Patrol premiered in February. Later this year, the animated series Harley Quinn will debut, in which Kaley Cuoco will voice the iconic title character. Next year, Stargirl season 1 will release on DC Universe.

After all the Swamp Thing buzz, the trailer delivers with genuinely creepy scares and unforgettable visuals. With both Len Wiseman and the aforementioned Wan producing, comic fans can indeed expect a mature series that will push the boundaries. After all, Wan co-created the Saw franchise with Leigh Whannell and has since become one of the most exciting filmmakers of the past 15 years. With all that Aquaman money in the bank, Wan's Swamp Thing will most likely be one of the year’s most visually stunning horror series. 

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