Swamp Thing Set Photos Offer First Look At DC Universe Series

Set photos from Swamp Thing give fans their first look at stars Andy Bean and Crystal Reed in the upcoming series. Earlier this year, the DC Universe streaming service was launched, with original programming an integral part of the product. By virtue of being first out of the gate, Titans is the one generating the most attention right now, but DC has an entire slate of shows planned as they look to expand their output. Swamp Thing is among these and started production back in November.

Swamp Thing will be a 13 episode series airing exclusively on DC Universe based on the humanoid creature from DC Comics. Underworld creator Len Wiseman will direct the pilot, and James Wan (Insidious), who was believed to be co-directing the pilot will serve as executive producer for the series. Gotham's Crystal Reed will lead the series as Abby Arcane, a doctor returning to her hometown after a virus breaks out. Andy Bean and Derek Mears will share the titular role as Alec Holland/Swamp Thing. Though shooting only recently began, fans now have their first (unofficial) look at the show.

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Coming to us from Twitter user DCUSwampThingFans, the pictures give viewers a taste of an interaction between Abby and Alec, teasing their growing connection that'll develop in the series. The photos also showcase the eerie waters in Houma, Louisiana, where the virus stems from. Check them out in the space below:

In the comics Alec Holland's life is altered after his thoughts are transferred to plant life. The series will be penned by IT co-writer Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden. Halloween's Will Patton will star as Avery Sunderland, serving as the main antagonist. Swamp Thing will not be set in the same universe as current shows on the DC Universe service. This series will have a darker tone, and no connection to other shows lets it be a standalone tale. Other actors that have been cast include Henderson Wade, Virginia Madsen, and Jeryl Prescott.

Based on the recently-revealed DC Universe schedule for its original showsSwamp Thing is set to premiere in May 2019, implying the show won't be in production for too much longer. The team will need the necessary time to handle all of the post-production work before the series makes its anticipated debut. Until then, set photos like these are a nice tease for fans patiently awaiting more information. It'll be interesting to see if more picture pop up as filming on Swamp Thing continues.

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Source: DCUSwampThingFans

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