Swamp Thing TV Show Casts Riverdale's Henderson Wade as Matt Cable

Henderson Wade as Sheriff Michael Minetta on Riverdale

Henderson Wade is the newest actor to be added to the cast of DC's Swamp Thing series. Created by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, the character Swamp Thing is a monster that first appeared in House of Secrets#92 in 1971. Often mistaken as a villain, Swamp Thing is more of a hero that fights to protect humanity, the environment, and his home.

DC is now adapting the character for a TV series, which will air on their new streaming service called DC Universe. There's recently been a lot of casting updates for Swamp Thing, including Andy Bean - who will play Alec Holland - and Derek Mears as Holland's alter-ego Swamp Thing. The series has also added Will Patton as Avery Sunderland, Jeryl Prescott as Madame Xanadu, and Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane. While many characters have already been announced for the series, another main character has been added; Matt Cable.

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According to Deadline, Wade has joined the Swamp Thing series in the role of Cable. Cable is a Louisiana lawman who will be a recurring character on the show. Cable first appeared in Swamp Thing #1 in 1972, and was tasked with protecting Holland. Wade also recently played the role of Sheriff Michael Minetta in the CW's Riverdale, making him a solid choice for the role of Cable.

Swamp Thing got two feature films in the '80s, but DC seems to be going with a different approach to the character this time around. DC will be reuniting with Aquaman director James Wan, who will act as executive producer for the live-action Swamp Thing series. Besides the recent casting information, it was revealed that Swamp Thing will be dark and scary, while not connecting to Titans or Doom Patrol, since Swamp Thing takes place in a different universeUnderworld and Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman has also been confirmed to be directing the show's pilot episode.

Even though Swamp Thing's movie outings have been mostly panned by critics, the Swamp Thing series is shaping up to be another big win for DC. Titans has gotten generally positive reviews so far, and Doom Patrol is building hype as more information on the series becomes available. Thus far, Swamp Thing has seemingly put together a strong cast and team of creative minds behind the project, so if everything goes to plan, the series could be DC Universe's next big hit.

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Swamp Thing is currently set to premiere sometime in May 2019.

Source: Deadline

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